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Tags: biceps, casual, chest, delts/shoulders, forearms, lats, veins
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Aug 18, 2012

with those forearms andbiceps she probably drops quite a few egos at the armwrestling table.

Aug 18, 2012

Not only forearms and biceps...

Sep 17, 2012

Nice double bicep picture of a very pretty bodybuilder.

Sep 17, 2012


Feb 19, 2013

would love to armwrestle with her

Jun 05, 2013 - edited Jun 05, 2013

What a difference from the uncertain, soft, slim gal in the first pictures of her series to this smiling full-bodied, rock solid, Amazon beauty. It shows what hard work and determination can do for a skinny woman. She's as big as Rebekah Kresila now.

Dec 23, 2014

WOOF! Hamina! Hamina! Hamina!

Dec 23, 2014

Why haven't I ever heard of her?!

Jan 02, 2015
Deleted by biffer
Nov 09, 2016

Muscles and curves! Lots of both

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