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Tags: body comparison, overall physique
Score: 29
Sep 03, 2012

that has to be fun

Apr 19, 2013

Someone has to be a moron to see here a "body comparison".

Apr 19, 2013

yeah, didn't notice that the last time I saw this one

Jul 19, 2014

The model is hot and thank you for the upload, however...is this really Lora Ottenad? It doesn't really look like her. (Just saying...)

Sep 06, 2018

How can that guy stand there without popping a huge puptent! She'd have me creaming my pants big time.

Sep 06, 2018

Doesn't look like Lora to me,too.

Sep 06, 2018

that is a young laura, most like early 1990s. She is with Dr. Leroy Perry a famous sports medicine Chiropractor.

Apr 04, 2020

She has beautiful feet

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