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Tags: bodybuilder, body comparison, overall physique
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Apr 05, 2012
Deleted by [deleted]
Apr 05, 2012

12 classic female bodybuilding greats from the early days of female bodybuilding. The only problem now is picking my favourite.

Apr 21, 2012

A pleasant problem it is. Actually my favorite is easy: Mary Roberts!!

Sep 21, 2012

Beautiful classically built women. Lot to be said for that look. So aesthetically pleasing.

Apr 26, 2013

Wonderful pics. Does anyone know which contest/year the results refer to?

Nov 25, 2019

Is "Maria Serrio" the same as "https://www.girlswithmuscle.com/images/?name=Maria+Serio"?

Nov 25, 2019

Where's "Gundi Fröder" from?

Nov 25, 2019

Was "Carla Dunlap" the last to b inducted into the "1999 IFBB Hall of Fame"?

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