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Tags: athlete, biceps, bodybuilder, delts/shoulders, forearms, veins, working out
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Aug 22, 2018
Deleted by biffer
Oct 11, 2018

I know... it's gorgeous jawline city up in here!

Oct 11, 2018
Deleted by Bugenhagen
Dec 03, 2019

that jawline is pure sex

Dec 05, 2019

I like the cut of your job, RVA

Dec 05, 2019

haha thx... but what does it mean?

Dec 07, 2019

hahah I mean the cut of your jib... And I'm pretty sure it's something I heard Mr. Burns say

Dec 08, 2019

Bugenhagen her jawline there reminds me of Tom Platz.

Dec 14, 2019

Yo I can totally see it!

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