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Jan 02, 2012


Jan 02, 2012

meaning ??

Jan 03, 2012

She's dead she died a while ago

Jan 03, 2012

I never knew that - do yall have a link?

Jan 03, 2012

The last update on her site, clubyvette.com, was four days ago so I think you have wrong information.

Jan 03, 2012

she did for real? wow!

Jan 03, 2012

All the updates on her site are older pictures.Nothing new in a few months.Thought she might have an injury or something.

Jan 03, 2012
Deleted by [deleted]
Jan 03, 2012

wow I looked it up after I saw it and now I can't find it hmmmm

Jan 03, 2012

@kristi, funny that we posted at the same moment. I can't find any evidence that she died.

Jan 25, 2012

Y'all may have mixxed Yvette up with Jazzmon Radford who passed in '08. They had similar body types.

Jun 29, 2012
Deleted by jiggy
Sep 16, 2012

Jazzmon Radford died in September of 2008 due in large part to steroid abuse and too many plastic surgeries. As far as I know, Yvette is alive.

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