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Tags: bodybuilder, quads, veins
Score: 39
Jan 03, 2012

That's how I like it best: tight, vascular skin with hard muscle beneath. Damn, how I wanna touch those perfect legs!

Jan 03, 2012

Woah! Now those are definitely bodybuilder's legs. I agree with you plinius. I'd love to touch Nancy's legs too(or whatever she would let me do).

Mar 05, 2012

fantastic-has the pic been retouched?

Mar 22, 2012

Nancy Lewis was at her best in 02, she did a wpw video, its a freakin classic, she on the down hill of her career now though, soo fine

Apr 04, 2015

love this

Jul 26, 2016

I don't think anyone else had lightning-bolt vascularity with so much size and shape. She had some of the hardest and, at the same time, roundest muscle and a unique overall look.

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