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Tags: calves, glutes/butt, quads, teen, working out
Score: 43
Dec 29, 2020 - edited Dec 29, 2020

Shylee Stocks is a beast at 18! She's seriously competing with Aline Dessine. Her PR is 545x4! Doing 505x5 here.

Dec 30, 2020 - edited Dec 30, 2020

Wow! That is just awesome. And neither her or Aline are big girls.

Dec 30, 2020

@Nytrytr777 Exactly. Shylee here is 5'4" and 18 years of age!

Dec 30, 2020 - edited Dec 30, 2020

Here is a video of pro football player James Harrison hipthrusting 600+ lbs and struggling. He's been called the strongest man in the NFL, and he probably weighs more than Shylee and Aline put together. 8-)


Dec 30, 2020

Shylee taking no prisoners with building her glorious caboose!

Feb 03, 2021

585 for 1 rep on her IG now

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