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Tags: calves, quads
Score: 146
Dec 25, 2020

The thought of those thick hard as steel muscles tightening around my neck or ribs....lights out!

Dec 26, 2020

Love it

Dec 26, 2020

Love her alien legs!!! The muscle shape is incredible!

Dec 26, 2020


Dec 26, 2020

Her quads are next level

Shredded block of muscle

Dec 27, 2020 - edited Dec 27, 2020

I just love how the relaxed quad looks like a unique full mass of muscle but then she flex and all the ripped valleys pop out of nowhere, and now we can distinguish all the different muscles there. One needs to see this in slow motion to appreciate the shock of the flex. Just wow!

Jan 01, 2021


Feb 15, 2021

Omg! Boing!!

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