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Tags: biceps, delts/shoulders, veins
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6 days ago - edited 4 days ago

Asian female Hercules! I know she small in stature, hard to tell how big her arms really are. Does anyone know? Love the forearm twitching.

6 days ago

that is so incredible..she has built the ultimate body

5 days ago

50 inches! ;)

5 days ago

Good gracious, the way she starts rippling those steel strands in her forearm and then curls up that huge bi...wow!!! Boing

4 days ago

Solid 15 inches, if I had to guess.

4 days ago

Is that a jojo reference?

4 days ago

Even bigger is better!!!

3 days ago

Just by watching this clip I can feel her pump

2 days ago

@VII...I feel pretty pumped right now.🤪

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