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Tags: biceps, calves, forearms, overall physique, quads
Score: 83
Nov 18, 2020

She’s 215 lbs

Nov 18, 2020

and 17” biceps, 26.5” thighs, 18” calves

Nov 19, 2020
Deleted by Ayoub78
Dec 03, 2020


Dec 10, 2020

So beautiful and muscular.

Dec 10, 2020

Really wow

Dec 10, 2020

Just amazing.

Dec 12, 2020

If you guys are right about her measurements that's just incredible!!

Dec 12, 2020

Her Instagram page lists her measurements... Qwerty is right with what she says are her muscle sizes, but she lists her weight at 205lb, not 215lb. Still really huge and strong though!

Dec 17, 2020

Love her big muscular body

Dec 18, 2020

She is transgender here is a post she mad her official reddit account :


I am not transphobic it's just that people here have the right to know

Dec 18, 2020
Deleted by chipperpip
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