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Tags: abs, chest, forearms, quads
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Jul 29, 2020

She looks great, but man, the lip injections just kill it for me. :(

Aug 03, 2020


Sep 14, 2020

Yes lips too much she not need so much

Oct 25, 2020

See Keira Aston.

Jan 19, 2021


Jan 19, 2021

And the saddest thing is that she had pretty lips before all that botox stuff. Look at her photos from the past, she had really pretty face...

Jan 19, 2021

The saddest thing for me are the inappropriate criticisms. To the minority who think that the comment box gives them licence to engage in infantile drive by insults: if you don't like something personal about someone why can't you just just move on to the next picture without making offensive and hurtful remarks? Even if, or especially if, you are absolutely perfect yourselves. These are real people with real emotions. Maybe you should ask yourselves sometime why you have to leave proof of your intolerance, like some kind of territorial mark.

Jan 19, 2021

Lol, what a strong words. But it's sign of modern world, every but of criticism is called hate, offensive, intolerant. Lets only comment positively, because its so better for everything. Jeez..

Jan 19, 2021

Marasso, your comment about her lips is anything but positive. It's implications are downright negative. Please also bear in mind that having your comment criticised just a little (I could have go on at great length) angered you, perhaps even offended you, and your response implied that I shouldn't have. There's a lesson somewhere in that!

Jan 20, 2021

Jeemlad, nah, your comment didn't angered me, offended me, nor even annoyed. It was just overreaction, in my opinion. Yeah, my comment wasn't a compliement for Kiera, but wasn't also rude, offensive or insulting. I didn't comment about any of her features, which she was born with, which she couldn't change. She decided to inject botox in her lips, probably multiple times and I wrote about it. I didn't use any insulting words, called her names or anything like that.

Now look at this from such perspective. Even if she cares about someones comments - she may read mine or others with similar meaning and maybe will realize that many people don't like such bloated lips. Maybe she will downsize them or at least stop to making them more grotesque. If she would see only "positive" comments, compliements about her artificial "enhanced" lips she may fall into delusion.

At the end of the day, there are mods and admins on this site and they're taking care about comments quality. If they will decide that my comment was sooo hurtful, they will remove it.

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