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Tags: biceps
Score: 47
Sep 19, 2020

Not sure what she's saying but I like the flex

Sep 19, 2020

A very cut biceps!

Sep 19, 2020

too low and manly voice for such a small muscle amount. nice and all but she's taking the wrong gear.

Sep 19, 2020

pretty sure thats due to the australian accent or whatever it is, doubt shes on any performance enhancers

Sep 19, 2020

You doubt she's on PEDs? Did you get that info from Santa?

Sep 19, 2020

She definitely on gear. She's of Eastern European origin but now lives in London.

Sep 20, 2020

She is from Lithuania.

Sep 21, 2020

Is this an old video? She looks bigger now.

Nov 27, 2020

Her deep voice is hott.

Lithuanian girls don't have that deep of a voice, usually.

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