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Tags: chest, delts/shoulders, quads, traps, triceps
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5 days ago - edited 5 days ago

Angela has given me permission to post this.

Make sure you check out her content, at MuscleGeisha.com

She has a link to her OnlyFans, HerBicepsCam, and a form for custom requests 😉

5 days ago

I absolutely love this woman's muscular development and she is sexy beyond belief. However, I wish she had a more feminine hairstyle to go along with her sexy face. Just my opinion...but regardless, Angela is smokin hot!!!!!

4 days ago

agreed. but at least she doesn't cover her skin with ink. hair can be grown back much easily :)

4 days ago

I hate the ink because it covers up their beautiful muscles. They work so hard to develop those muscles...I personally hate when it gets covered by ink.

4 days ago

I love her eyes and dels!

4 days ago

Like I said, she has a very sexy face. Her eyes and lips are the main reasons.

4 days ago

@luvembuff exactly. the most common are these forearm inks that aren't even unique at all anymore. they just look the same from where I'm standing, like a clothing that cannot be taken off and blocks the view.

4 days ago

Yep 👍

2 days ago

her shoulders are like blocks of granite

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