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Tags: biceps, delts/shoulders, forearms, teen
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Aug 27, 2020

Damn! She's gorgeous.

Aug 27, 2020

Nice arms!!

Aug 27, 2020

So cute.

Aug 27, 2020


Aug 28, 2020


Aug 28, 2020

I actually kind of like that purple hair.

Aug 28, 2020 - edited Aug 29, 2020


Aug 28, 2020

Oh my ..I'm swept away

Sep 01, 2020


Sep 02, 2020

Young pup..gunna get big

Sep 06, 2020

Fuck man.. high school girlfriend fantasy, I’d be the happiest guy on earth going out with her

Sep 19, 2020

I'd let her beat me up any day. Then when I'm laying on the ground she steals my wallet with all my money in it and says "Gonna go spend all your money. I hope this ruins you forever, you deserve it for letting yourself get beat up by a girl who's younger than you. Cya, loser"

Oct 20, 2020

She dont need your wallet she need your face mask

Oct 28, 2020 - edited Oct 29, 2020

Very pretty, and beautiful flexy. :) And Michigan State high school wrestling champ. Good for her! :)

Oct 28, 2020

Adorable and she has muscles too?? Woo hoo!

Oct 28, 2020

Those arms!!

Oct 28, 2020

She's only 17. Just an FYI.

Dec 02, 2020

Wow her arms are huge, my arms look so puny next to her

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