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3 days ago

i would love to know how much she is lifting ??

3 days ago - edited 3 days ago

4 plates(2 on each side) of 15 kg each is 60 kg. that's 132 lbs. plus 40-45 lb bar and that gives you 172-177 lbs. And she did it 6 times. The equivalent of lifting a regular sized dude over her head....6 times, I'd say.

3 days ago

thank you for that.

3 days ago

@kedrell Wrong!

Big plate: 15kg

Small plate: 5kg

In the end we have 40kg + the bar 20kg

= 60kg, wich still is impressive!!!

2 days ago

Hmm, I mean I'm not expert but that big plate looks too thick to be just one plate each, and for that small a weight. But ok...132 lbs X 6.

2 days ago


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