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Tags: abs, chest, figure/fitness, overall physique, quads
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Jun 04, 2009

Cool post. I think this was one of my first motivators along with Amy Fahdli, ground breaking in the fitness and fitness modeling industry.

Jun 04, 2009

kristi, who are some of the figure girls who motivate you today?

Feb 09, 2010


May 13, 2010

I remember seeing an article about her calling her "The Most Beautiful Woman In The World" and thinking that, at the time, they weren't wrong...

May 13, 2010

geez...6.6 after 5 votes (before my vote)? Deidre is sultry hot!

Jun 15, 2010

She is just a wonder.

Jun 15, 2010

oops sorry i missed that post gung from a year ago!!!! lol

Dec 08, 2010

was hot then...is hot now!

Apr 06, 2012

KP, it's easy to see why she would be an inspiration, and you've done very well I must say!

Apr 07, 2012

Yea she was definately one of my favs, but another reason she was is you can see her today and she still looks amazing. Fitness for life I always say.

Apr 08, 2012

Fitness for life I always say. Good mantra, too bad more folks don't follow that simple truth!

Apr 08, 2012

Agree 100% Bungy, Deidre Pagnanelli is a classic, and still today, beauty few can compare to, she is trully one of the GREATS!

Jun 14, 2012

incredible. one of the best ever. i wish she would have posed naked in her prime!

Jun 14, 2012

I wouldn't swap my girlfriend for anyone, but if an intergalactic warlord was forcing me, then Deidre might possibly be in the running. Wow!

Jun 14, 2012

One of my favourite pictures ever. She's amazing.

Jun 10, 2013

That's an awsome pic of her!

Jul 22, 2013

Before my time,I think.

What era is she from?

Jul 22, 2013

Era? What era is she from? Jeez Louise KW, it's not that long ago, maybe 10 years max. and from what I understand some of these photos are current, like this one..... http://www.girlswithmuscle.com/276717/Deidre... Era, that suggests decade or more....just how young are you? Ooops, never ask a woman her age...never mind! ;~D

Jul 24, 2013 - edited Jul 24, 2013

True enough, MrDent.

A little searching shows she's 44 years old. Assuming she was at her peak at age 20, that's like a quarter century ago.

At best she was well before my time, at worst I was still crawling around in diapers. I guess if she's still actively out there I just hadn't noticed her, but she was getting up there like mid-30's before I got out of grade school.

She is impressive though. A real example for those of us who want to follow in her footsteps and remain drug free.

Jul 24, 2013

WOW, you are a youngen, not that there's anything wrong with that! And yes, she is an excellent example for anyone to stay drug free! Stay the course and be well!

Jul 25, 2013

As best as I can remember, this photo was from around the late 90's, give or take. So Deidre is maybe about 30 here or so. There are lots of newer pics on this site and elsewhere and she still looks incredible in her 40's.

Dec 22, 2013

Mmmmmm.....now SHE is a bonafied 90's GODDESS..

Dec 22, 2013 - edited Dec 22, 2013

Well before my time and all the more amazing for it considering the times she lived in.

We grow up today taking it for granted that it's a girl's right to be as strong and healthy as she wants, and that strong is the new skinny/sexy.

In the old days I guess ANY muscle tone was deemed a threat or a turn-off? I've met a few throwbacks that still think that way today, but I didn't truly realize that it was a general attitude of the public back in those days.

Blows my mind. Who'd honestly prefer a sagging flabby butt to a firm, high, granite hard one?

Not to mention how little energy a flabby weak person has to have in bed? Who'd preferably bed a fragile and too-easily injured mate that had maybe a fourth their strength when instead they could have one that could keep up with their friskiest moves and even rock their world?

Jan 02, 2015

My favorite photo of her! Sweet!!!

Apr 14, 2020

Old pic but still awesome, she is a goddess

Apr 14, 2020

Outstanding! And still looks this good presently.

Apr 14, 2020

incredible classic beauty!

Apr 21, 2020


Aug 02, 2020 - edited Sep 12, 2020


Aug 15, 2020

So good to bring it back. Is she the VR46 of the IFBB ladies?

Oct 07, 2020

And she still looks great today.

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