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Tags: abs, biceps, body comparison, forearms, lats
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Jun 30, 2020

Boing Boing

Jul 01, 2020

arm wrestling match for the ages.

Jul 01, 2020

Two incredibly strong ladies, both can walk into the gym and put even some male lifters to shame.

Jul 02, 2020

Tiffani all the way

Jul 04, 2020

I even think that they would beat most male colleagues in the gym, Tiffani as well as Nataliya...πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ’ͺ🏽

Jul 06, 2020

Don't Think Tifani will go there but she is bigger and more defined than Nataliya was at the same age.

Jul 07, 2020


Jul 08, 2020

Tifani might very well best Natalia

Jul 08, 2020

No natalia was bigger and stronger than tifani maybe not as defined as tifani but definetly bigger and stronger

Jul 08, 2020

Tifani is unusually strong and has amazing stamina. Natalia will be hard pressed to beat her

Jul 08, 2020

Natalia had better records in bench press,deadlift,squat but she was in 90kg category

Jul 08, 2020

Two great ladies with individual goals and aspirations. Yes Natalia surpasses Tifani in strength and muscle development, but Tifani has not pursued the PED route Natalia openly admits too. I love them both and appreciate them as individuals. ( Of course witnessing an armwrestle or even trying to take them on is always on the bucket list :))

Jul 08, 2020

Lol, you really think that Tifani is not using Gear?

Jul 09, 2020

Good point, but Natalia has openly commented on her use. I do not know about Tifani

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