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Tags: biceps, calves, glutes/butt, quads
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Jun 11, 2020

Good God, Jodi is intoxicating...

Jun 12, 2020

She looks good, but she's still claiming she's natural at almost 50, which is laughable.

Jun 12, 2020
Deleted by [deleted]
Jun 13, 2020

First, @ninjaman85, thank you for the compliment. Second, @Mako89, I find it laughable that you make comments while obviously knowing little to nothing about me. I actually took this picture in December of 2017, about 2.5 years ago. I was 45 at the time. I also have been extremely open (on this site, on social media, on multiple podcast interviews, in person to anyone who talks to me about the topic, on YouTube, etc.) about getting on doctor-prescribed testosterone therapy in January of 2014. Please ensure your statements about me are accurate and factual. Otherwise, you are being worse than the National Enquirer and infringing on slander of me, and I don't respect that. Finally, I've been weightlifting since I was 18. I'd say working out for 30 years, taking care of myself, having good genetics on my side, and remaining consistent with competing while not getting too extreme or abusive with anything I do in regards to building muscle or cutting fat is what has all helped me to barrel towards the age of 50 with a bit of grace and longevity. Please don't disrespect me again by stating things you have not verified personally with me. Thank you. And finally, while I appreciate the compliment regarding my lower, @chadr90, you are also complicit and added a bit of kerosene to the rumor-milled situation, so I must ask that you don't do that again either. All I ask is that you commenters remember that the women featured on this site are human beings, and if you wouldn't say your comment to that woman's face in person, then don't write it anonymously on here. Thank you.

Jun 13, 2020

Bravo, Jodi! At the end of the day, people say things through a keyboard that they would never say elsewhere. Kudos on you for putting them in their place.

Others can say what they want, but YOU know how hard you've worked to achieve the amazing physique you've sculpted. All I can say is thank you for allowing us to celebrate it on here!

Jun 14, 2020

My sincee apologies @JodiLeigh. My comment was not well thought out, but I can honestly tell you that the portion about your lower body was the only thing I really wanted to say. That doesn't make it right, but I think intention matters. Out of respect for you, as you can see I deleted my comment.

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