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Tags: abs, biceps, classic, delts/shoulders, lats
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Apr 09, 2020

Yes. It's called sleeping. 😉

Jul 31, 2020

Yeah, but Gladys looks hot even when she's sleeping.

Aug 01, 2020

She certainly does especially in that outfit and that stunning physical condition.

Aug 01, 2020
Deleted by Retroman80
Aug 01, 2020

Oh, yes. Gladys was a knockout. Some tape I have was from NBC back in the 80s had the current goddesses on it. And I think that was the first time I ever saw Gladys. I swear to god her waistline looked like it was 20 inches. I watched that whole show and Gladys was the one who looked the best. Cory won. I lost big money on that.

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