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Tags: abs, biceps, delts/shoulders, quads, triceps
Score: 277
5 days ago

thats so hot

4 days ago - edited 4 days ago

It is! Brooke is beautiful and is ripped with big arms and physique; such good agility too, bouncing around there having fun. Very sexy!

4 days ago

Damn this is the most I’ve seen her flex in years this is great

4 days ago

This satisfies on many different levels, wow

4 days ago

My god. She looks amazing!!! I love her pumped arms. I badly want to feel them!

4 days ago

She seems to love the pump; hopefully a journey of mixing in more bodybuilding exercises to her CrossFit routine

4 days ago

very nice :)

4 days ago

Incredible pump!

3 days ago

She is gorgeous!!😍😍

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