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Tags: calves, glutes/butt, hamstrings, quads
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Mar 23, 2020

Lovely lady!

Mar 23, 2020


Mar 23, 2020

nice dress

Mar 24, 2020

Julia truly "went for it" when she went for added mass and enhancements.

Agree with everyone...sexy and lovely...but a WHOLE new look!

Mar 24, 2020

Gorgeous legs

Mar 25, 2020


Mar 25, 2020


Still very much a beauty...but to go from an "athletic" look to a "Brazilian Bombshell" look was quite the shock, for sure!

(You can see the transformation for yourself in her PICS).

I would LOVE to hear from her why such a dramatic change...but yes...still very much a beauty!

Mar 25, 2020

wow she is getting sexy muscle thick

Mar 25, 2020

Super Sexy Muscular Goddess!

Apr 07, 2020

Hard to believe the change in just four years.


Apr 16, 2020

Dang!!! 👣👣👣

May 12, 2020

I loved your calves

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