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Tags: biceps, body comparison, delts/shoulders, overall physique, quads
Score: 53
Mar 14, 2020

Aleesha easily!

Mar 14, 2020

whats the purpose of this pointless comparison? lol

Mar 26, 2020

the purpose is to show how superior a real fbb is!!!

Mar 26, 2020

Steroids with a man voice vs an actress? ok lol

Apr 05, 2020

I think the point is, the girl on the right is supposedly a superhero, but looks like nothing next to Aleesha.

Apr 05, 2020

theres inherent fun in the pointless things :)

Apr 07, 2020

OK guys, the real purpose of this comparison is to get us horny. And it works perfectly!!!

Apr 10, 2020

Man voice?!!!.. Have you ever heard Aleesha talking before?

5 days ago

Scarlett all the way

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