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Feb 14, 2020

This has to be a morph. Look at the way the seams of her leggins dilate in an unnatural way.

Funny thing is that her other pics don't look like morphs, but hard to tell since the picture quality is soo low. She looks very big even in short vides, though I wouldn't rule out the possibility that tose are morphed as well since they're all so short. Still, she is probably huge to begin with even without editing.

Feb 14, 2020

Her pics are not morphed IMO, she really is a freak of nature with unique genetics that only 0.000001% of the human population is blessed with.

Check her videos on her instagram, her quads really are insanely huge and freaky.

She's hot and one of a kind.

Mar 13, 2020


Mar 20, 2020

She could crush my ribcage like a paper cup

15 hours ago

huge legs

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