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Tags: biceps, casual, forearms, overall physique, veins
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Jan 05, 2020

What is that she's wearing? Some weighted suit?

Jan 05, 2020


Jan 20, 2020

those things on her arms is called b-blood,f-flow,r-resistnce bands,the restrict the blood flow when doing the bicep curls and other arm workout exersizes and upper body exersizes,it hel shap and tone the muscles in the arms like for example if you can see or look at a closup ove her arms the biceps have better shape and size the muscles get to to have a more intence feeling after a 30 minute workout it feels lik you had a 2 hour workout also look at the veins in her arm it heps bring out the vasularity sbut do not put the tournequits to tight it womnt work just put them on just snug to get two fingers inbetween the strap and skin or it will not work

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