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Tags: athlete, biceps, casual, delts/shoulders, traps
Score: 52
Nov 09, 2019

Danica is looking good; and much more buff than the typical celebrity or model.

Nov 18, 2019

Danica should go down the hardcore route. She has the buff body for it.

Nov 18, 2019

How do you define "hard core?" Bear in mind her career since she left racing: model, businesswoman in the fitness industry, possibly some acting.

3 days ago - edited 3 days ago

Certainly not hardcore acting!!🤣🤣🤣

3 days ago

I mean hardcore bodybuilding. Danica Patrick should do hardcore bodybuilding because she does have the body for it.

3 days ago - edited 3 days ago

I rather like Danica just the way she is. Besides, she will likely have far more success in show biz looking like this than if she got really big. :)

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