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Tags: athlete, biceps, forearms, veins
Score: 54
Nov 09, 2019

Alpha Female Muscle Goddess!

Jan 08, 2020

She looked a lot better before she got those ridiculously large implants. She just didn't need them..... unless she's doing webcam stuff now.

Jan 08, 2020

I have mixed feelings about those tits, like a part of me is ok with this and another part isn't. I don't mind implants but Lauren was very feminine anyways. I hope she's happy with them though.

Jan 13, 2020

I often have mixed feelings about boob jobs but those look incredible. Hypnotic Superior Alpha Goddess 😍😍😍

Jan 15, 2020

When I see Quinn's three recent "Wings of Strength" pics, I'm reminded how much implants detract from a great body and self-confident image.

Jan 15, 2020

Agreed with the others here - a big shame she resorted to implants, as her pecs were top-notch.

Jan 26, 2020 - edited Jan 26, 2020

Looks outstanding! Should have gone bigger! Look forward to seeing more pics of bigger you!!!

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