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Tags: calves, quads
Score: 27
Nov 02, 2019

Wow... first Tina, now Yarishna. It's the Disney princess wars!

(I volunteer to be a judge)

Nov 02, 2019

Between them, they will cost me way too much for towels. :/

Nov 03, 2019

I thought Tina was amazing.. ooh good ness!!!! But yea I love the outfit and Yarishna has even more amazing skin than Tina. Also incredible legs. Yep def gonna need that towel supply Nyt.. haha.

Nov 04, 2019

I haven't seen a Disney movie since 1983 but get comfy indeed! I thought she was paying homage to I Dream of Jeannie or something.

Nov 04, 2019

Oh you have missed some good ones. My kids are so excited to see Frozen II in a few weeks. They loved Toy Story and all those that followed. They JUST watched the new Aladdin and loved it. I enjoyed the music and I have to admit the Jasmin character was very beautiful. Although she couldn't stand next to Tina or Yarishna… wwhew.

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