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Tags: abs, bodybuilder, lats, quads
Score: 171
4 days ago

No underboob? That's a bit off brand for her. ;)

4 days ago - edited 4 days ago

Wow! The way her lats flare out from the thin waist, the V-taper makes it look like she's a wasp!

Her lips also look like they were stung by one, but not gonna throw the baby out with the bathwater here.

4 days ago

Her legs look amazing in this pic... cute outfit.

4 days ago - edited 1 day ago
Deleted by O_some
4 days ago

Yes Mistress 😍

4 days ago

I could be overpowered by a schoolgirl

3 days ago

hello little school girl I'm a little school boy too

2 days ago

She def doesn't look little here. Her legs are amazing.

2 days ago

amazing all over

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