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Tags: biceps, body comparison, delts/shoulders
Score: 14
Aug 24, 2019

She is short with small hands but I bet she still packs a punch

Aug 24, 2019

Over rated

Aug 24, 2019

Strongly disagree. She is beautiful plus incredibly strong for her size. And a ripped muscular body

Aug 25, 2019
Deleted by BarteusSimpsonii
Aug 25, 2019

over rated

Aug 25, 2019

Old pic, but Julia always best

Aug 30, 2019 - edited Aug 30, 2019

Funny that posters say Julia is "over-rated," which is just a personal opinion. I think she is quite hot and have always held said opinion.

As for the allegation she "was a roid user," two questions: 1) how do you know, 2) who cares.

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