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Tags: calves, hamstrings, quads
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Jul 30, 2019

How perfect is this woman...

Jul 30, 2019

This picture bothers me because the model looks like she might FALL, a long way down.

Does anyone know where this picture was taken?

Jul 30, 2019

Truth- her waist is well below the railing so she should be fine.

Jul 31, 2019

That's some leg! ;)

Jul 31, 2019

Everything this girls does is photoshopped and airbrushed. She is truly beautiful and doesn't need any of that stuff. I wish she'd knock it off.

Jul 31, 2019

Does anyone know where this picture was taken?

Jul 31, 2019 - edited Jul 31, 2019

I'm not sure where it was taken is relevant - you're not a stalker or anything, right? - but if I had to guess I'd say it's probably in her home city or town or wherever she lives, perhaps?

As for her falling, that reinforced glass and the steel rail holding it all together, I'm pretty sure they can handle a woman barely leaning on it that weighs like what, 105 lbs tops? 110, if even that much? :P

Jul 31, 2019

Im concerned that Yarishna's powerful legs will accidentally break the railing, then she'll fall and destroy a car (but she will walk away fine)

Aug 01, 2019

Her Instagram says downtown Miami, and it sure looks like it.

Aug 01, 2019

@TruthMan Why do you ask that for so many pics? Of what possible use could that information be to you?

Aug 01, 2019

I only answer if the model has posted on an open Instagram or the like.

Aug 01, 2019

Nytrytr777, thank you for the location information.

Aug 01, 2019 - edited Aug 02, 2019

@Chipperpip, when I was a kid, I collected baseball cards.

Those baseball cards, even back then, contained huge amounts of information about each baseball player -- very detailed information, very precise information.

Why should the fans want so much information about each player?

Maybe because it makes the game of baseball more interesting?

Women's Physique World magazine [which stopped publishing a very long time ago] used to write long articles about each female bodybuilder -- not just stats, but a complete interview.

Do you understand me now, Chipperpip?

Aug 08, 2019

that leg alone is perfection

Aug 08, 2019 - edited Aug 08, 2019

I was also curious where this was taken because I liked the scenery.

Another one that would be cool to find out is https://www.girlswithmuscle.com/1203345/ , my guess is it's in the Northwest US somewhere but I don't recognize the skyline.

Edit: never mind, I tried harder and figured it out.

Aug 11, 2019

I just know yarishna has amazing legs here, love the quad line.

Aug 12, 2019 - edited Aug 12, 2019

The building in the background just behind her head is the Marriott Biscayne Bay. I stayed there once some years back. You can also see the Venetian Causeway, that takes you to Miami Beach and South Beach. Of course, the real question is "Why am I looking at the background scenery, when Yarishna is in the foreground?" Cough ,sigh...

Aug 12, 2019

I could never get past her legs... so yea. :)

Aug 12, 2019

Nytrytr777, many thanks for the very accurate location information!

Aug 12, 2019

No problem. Just a bit of research. :)

Aug 14, 2019

Lord almighty

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