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Tags: figure/fitness, glutes/butt, hamstrings, overall physique, quads
Score: 84
Jul 22, 2019


Jul 23, 2019

Vivi is always good for a leg show!

Jul 23, 2019


Jul 24, 2019

Her sexy Feet are my favorite sexy Feet! WOW! 😲😲😲

Jul 24, 2019

Actually every body part is perfection for a natural FBB, and the whole is muuch greater than the sum of the parts. Vivi has to be one of the most perfectly developed women in the world. I've said that about a few others, but only a very few!

Jul 29, 2019

i think shes perfect.and her arms have been more defined and maybe a tad bigger as of late

Jul 30, 2019

She has a nice python running down her upper arm, so there's definitely some serious muscle there now.

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