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Tags: abs, biceps, casual
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Jul 13, 2019

That's three statements!

Jul 14, 2019

I hate that I feel the need to say this, but there is no way she is natural in these photos. What's the big deal anyway? Steroid use is just a part of bodybuilding.

Jul 14, 2019

Except I was, I used stuff a couple months later, I don’t lie about shit

Jul 14, 2019

@Bintley_Bum I don't know how you can assume that, some people can get pretty big without chemical help, it just takes longer.

Jul 14, 2019

This is always a touchy subject and I probably shouldn't commented. I use gear myself, so I'm not pointing the finger at anybody. I use it and I'm just a recreational gym guy with no aspirations of being a pro. MOST people are secretive about it including myself. No offense to @Paigedumars, I think you have an incredible physique.

Jul 14, 2019

What's your bicep size?

Jul 15, 2019
Deleted by chipperpip
Jul 20, 2019 - edited Jul 21, 2019

do it. 🏅💣💓 We want to see you get even BIGGER!

Jul 24, 2019

It is obvious she is being honest. She admits she takes them, I highly doubt she would lie about when.

Anyhow She looks great so congrats on yor physique.

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