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Tags: biceps, bodybuilder, body comparison, casual, chest, delts/shoulders, traps, triceps
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Jun 20, 2019

"The sex is gonna be good"

Jun 21, 2019


Jul 05, 2019

The def wasn’t because they broke up and he’s dating Alexis Ewers now lmao

Jul 05, 2019

IS he the man with Alexis now?

Jul 05, 2019

yep. forsakenwarrior has taste!

Nov 08, 2019

Goddess 👅❤

Jan 06, 2020

That little accidental biceps flex at the very beginning of the video when her arms were at her side shows just how live and mature her muscle mass really is.

Feb 09, 2020

Who's Alexis?

Lauren fits in well at that table 😲

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