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Tags: bodybuilder, classic, delts/shoulders, quads, working out
Score: 116
Apr 03, 2019

Hotness off the charts!!!

Apr 03, 2019

OOh I remember this pic of Sharon, her quads look amazing here!!

Apr 04, 2019

Too bad Sharon stopped lifting a long time ago.

Apr 04, 2019


Apr 04, 2019

God, I remember being like 6 years old and seeing her pics in magazines back then. Blew my mind. That's where it all started

Apr 04, 2019

Bronzed and hard.

Apr 05, 2019

Isn't it kinda neat we all have a "where it all started" story.. ha. :)

Apr 06, 2019 - edited Apr 06, 2019

I guess I started even before you were born Kristi, but not exactly sure. Lol. Must have been some girls in high school. Maybe an actress or two. Joanna Cameron was def there. :)

Apr 06, 2019

Yes, the mighty Isis. She was hot.

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