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Tags: abs, biceps, body comparison
Score: 54
Mar 14, 2019

2 Muscle Beauties!

Mar 17, 2019

Both very sexy

Mar 23, 2019

Two of the best!

Mar 23, 2019

I've been waiting for this comparison to come along, I suspected it would someday. Tough, tough comparison. I'll give Lauren the nod here just on a slight personal preference. Both are absolutely beautiful, and have plenty of shapely, attractive muscle and they know how to show it off very well. Both are very much winners. Thanks for the nice comparison pic.

Apr 01, 2019

Probably the two sexiest muscle girls out there today.

Jun 11, 2019

Ahh, that's who I've gotten Lauren confused with!

Oct 10, 2019

Who wins in an arm wrestle ?

Oct 10, 2019

I'd say Cass, in her videos she is working with a lot of weight, and her forearms are outstanding. I think it would be close but Cass would win. But Lauren, she is just so good looking, great muscles, pretty smile. In a match like that everyone wins. Never know for sure who would win, may come down to technique.

Oct 22, 2019

Biceps work out to be identical...Cass does appear to have better forearms. Great pic...lovely fit ladies!!!

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