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Tags: athlete, biceps, bodybuilder, chest, delts/shoulders, forearms, triceps
Score: 61
May 12, 2011

Amazing woman.

May 12, 2011

Great wrestler! Search for her on YouTube!

May 16, 2011

She is a wrestler. I fought her and I was devastated. I could not keep up with her. She is very well trained and skilled. Her cardio is unreal. I was at her mercy over and over. I tapped out and had to verbally beg a submission because I had no use of my arms. rendered helpless. My girlfriend was there cheering her on. I am still reminded of it today. VeVe is superior to me. At first it was ego busting and humiliating. As time has passed I have come to terms with it. Nothing I can do except submit to her.

Jun 13, 2011

Veve is even sexier in person.

Jun 13, 2011

Did me wrong man!
Humiliated me and taunted me.

Sep 23, 2011

Lovely arms and tits.

Dec 02, 2012

My fav videos of her
I like how she killed this huge pink one by axe kick.
Her gorgeous legs destroy balloons kicking them.

Dec 02, 2012

She looks much better now than the pics posted on this site. Beautiful, muscular, skilled and a lovely person. Check her out on clips4sale, she's awesome.

Dec 03, 2012

Yes, now she looks much better and much stronger. This huge balloon has no chances against her muscular legs. And imagine what such axe kick can do to any man.

Dec 03, 2012

It's a boy with boobs.

Dec 03, 2012

You should see the size of her left bicep on her latest armwrestling clip!

Sep 28, 2014

Perfect horseshoe!

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