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Tags: lift and carry, working out
Score: 19
Feb 11, 2019

Lethal leg muscles; and her arms aren't puny either!

Feb 27, 2019

i started doing lunges to vary my exercise....they aint easy without weights for a begginer..you can smash your knee down to the floor if you dont have the practice or muscle or muscle memory...i was able to stop my fall ..so my knee hit softly..when i tried it without holding on to anything...but just barely..lol..im old..so if you try a lunge ..grab a door frame or railing to see if you can do it

Feb 28, 2019

Well Vivi certainly has the muscles to do this, and the muscle memory! I haven't seen many women who can lunge this deep with another fully grown adult across their shoulders and nothing to stabilize their balance. Amazing girl, but no surprize for anyone who's seen the GWM videos where she works her legs until her massive quads begin to quiver and quake!

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