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Tags: biceps, bodybuilder, body comparison, delts/shoulders, forearms, glutes/butt, hamstrings, overall physique, quads, triceps
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Jun 01, 2017

She grew up big and strong. ;)

Jun 02, 2017

Modern science experiment.

Jun 02, 2017

We now see why she loves being so big. I think it's great, whatever makes people happy

Jun 03, 2017


Feb 02, 2019

Most amazing transformation ever! You go girl!!!

Feb 02, 2019
Deleted by biffer
Feb 02, 2019


Feb 02, 2019

No way

Feb 02, 2019

She was the same weight as my girlfriend in the 'before'

Feb 02, 2019

Now she weighs more than you and your girlfriend combined 😊😊

Feb 02, 2019

Close enough! Even if she is a bit extreme for some there is no arguing that she is very impressive

Feb 02, 2019

Have to disagree tee bone. I wouldn't call her ugly. I have too much admiration for the amount of work that went into making herself what she is. Furthermore, her overall shape still has a feminine look because of the hourglass shape. Very muscular, but still somehow feminine. ... Plus, I wouldn't call her ugly in public, because, well, one squeeze from either her arms or legs ... and ...

Feb 02, 2019

I think she is about 13 in the pic on the left. She is not adult age there. She started fbbing in her teens and is only mid 20's now. She's the biggest ever and was skinny, but not many people look the same at age 25 after years of lifting as they did at 13 or 14.

Feb 03, 2019

She currently 27 years old, She probably 15 or 16 years old in the pic on the left

Feb 04, 2019

With that scrawny bone structure under all that muscle, she's going to pay a dear price one day. Every joint in her body is going to be shot. She'll be lucky if she can still walk at 50. If she lives that long. My money says she won't.

Feb 08, 2019

Probably not, sadly.

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