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Tags: hamstrings, quads, triceps
Score: 49
Jan 21, 2019

Could she overpower Renee Tooney ?

Jan 21, 2019

No chance, Renee would eat her alive for breakfast. Renee's biceps are as thick as Nataliya's thighs..... lol

Jan 21, 2019

She looks bigger than Renee and for sure stronger.

Jan 21, 2019

I was just kidding, Nataliya is a strength athlete turned fbb, Renee is just an fbb,but is considered to be very strong, she had wrestling matches where she was described as brick wall, unsuperable, strongest fbb wrestler. I dont think that Nataliya does wrestling sessions, at least i did not see anything on the intetnet so no possibility to compare here. But due to her powerlifting and armlifting background, Nataliya is probably stronger

Jan 22, 2019

Wow interesting. Other opinions ?

Feb 07, 2019

Love Natalia. Bigger, better, stronger, and all woman. Yum.

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