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Tags: biceps, delts/shoulders, overall physique, triceps
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Jan 01, 2019

The best shoot!

Jan 01, 2019

She was one of the great beauties of FBB!

Jul 30, 2020

Whew. There was always something extra sexy about Gladys. Her being gorgeous probably had something to do with it. And a waistline so small you could put a bracelet around it. Somewhere I have a tape from some show in the 80s. She comes out in this tiny red bikini and...well, you'd really have to see it to believe it.

Jul 30, 2020 - edited Aug 11, 2020

Whoa. Maybe I remember that because I thought Gladys should have won. Some woman named Cory won (whoever she was). I remember that Mary Roberts was there and Tina Plakinger. I always had a crush on Tina. But she never returned any of my phone calls.

Jul 30, 2020

Oh, god. I'm older than dirt. Now that I remember I believe Lori Bowen was there also. She was Lori Bowen-Rice by then. I think Lori won the year after Rachel (not sure). Needless to say Lori had a killer body.

Jul 30, 2020

And I can't believe I remember this ~ Lori was in a Lite Beer From Miller commercial with Rodney Dangerfield. It may be on YouTube.

Jul 30, 2020

I do remember that commercial too!

Jul 30, 2020 - edited Jul 31, 2020
Deleted by Retroman80
Jul 30, 2020

Here's the Lori Bowen commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STdc4yB2

Jul 30, 2020

A true blast from the past! I can remember Rachel's Vic Tanny ads just after that. And then I got real lucky because my favorite girl singer Sheena Easton started doing the Vic Tanny commercials next. I didn't know Sheena was that hot. But even before Rachel, Farrah Fawcett was doing the Vic Tanny ads. Farrah was such a phenomenon at that time they actually put a schedule in TV guide when and what channel her commercials were going to air

Jul 31, 2020 - edited Aug 02, 2020

Ok, guys. You seem to know the true classic ladies from the golden days. I'm looking for a girl (yeah, aren't we all?) that used to pose with Rachel. Her name was Candy Cen(something). What's really annoying is I've come across her name in a few M&F online but I can't make out her name. Obviously Candy is playing hard to get. And Candy used to wear something that drove me crazy.

Jul 31, 2020

Ah yes, the beautiful Candy Csencsits, no doubt. https://www.girlswithmuscle.com/596510/ Sadly, she was taken by cancer at the age of 33. May she rest in peace.

Jul 31, 2020 - edited Aug 01, 2020

Candy Csencsits! That's her! Thanks, Nyt. My God, she's dead? That's horrible! At 33? That's really horrible. Damn. The little extra thing about Candy that used to drive me crazy was she wore this tiny ankle bracelet. It was so hot. Your eyes would catch that bracelet and then your eyes would go up Candy's legs, and Candy got better the higher up your eyes went. Sigh. Rest in peace pretty lady.

Jul 31, 2020 - edited Aug 08, 2020

Although she doesn't have it on in that photo (nice pic, dude). But this is what I was talking about before. Candy's ankle bracelet did exactly what today's ladies think those gawdy things hanging from their abs do. It was just a nice little touch that made Candy a little bit hotter.

Jul 31, 2020 - edited Jul 31, 2020

But because I'm such a cool guy I've let two chicks slide so far (lol). The first one is Nicole Wilkins. Nicole's belly thingy is really tiny. And you almost don't notice it because your eyes are drawn to her butterfly (that butterfly is hot). The other one is Karen Zaremba. Why? Because she's Karen Zaremba!

Jul 31, 2020
Deleted by Retroman80
Jul 31, 2020

Wow. I actually haven't felt so rotten since I found out Paula Piwarunas had died. Paula wasn't that big but it didn't matter. Paula was absolutely ripped. The old pics of her are really neat to see. But when she went blonde it was like pow! Paula was hot! A lot of guys would have left their wives for Paula.

Jul 31, 2020

Ok. Since you guys were so good at tracking down Candy for me (thanks!) Does anyone remember a girl by the name of (I think) Shelly Gruel? Now I'm not sure if I'm spelling her name right. Because this site seems to have every babe that ever lived on it (whoever put this site together did a fantastic job) I figured she'd be out there somewhere.

Aug 01, 2020 - edited Aug 01, 2020

Yes, that was her name. I don't see any of her pics here on GWM, nor did a quick Google turn up any. I don't think she wasn't photographed a great deal, although I'm pretty sure there were a couple in Muscle & Fitness years ago.

Aug 01, 2020

Darn. Thanks, Nyt. I do remember her but I couldn't find any pics either. She was way back in the Rachel/Candy era. And of course she was in great shape. She must have made an impression on me for me to remember her 35 years later. I think she was honey blonde and really cute.

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