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Tags: abs, biceps, bodybuilder, forearms, veins
Score: 111
Dec 21, 2018

Steel wall abs.

Dec 21, 2018

Holy cow... what a babe !

Dec 21, 2018

It'll never cease to amaze me that she is so huge and so ripped at the same time

Dec 21, 2018

She looks rock solid all over

Dec 21, 2018

OMG it's like everything about her is blowing my mind. her bulging super hard rock abs muscles are insane! and of course the size of her arms is so massive that they're stretched the hell out of her shirts... bet that shirt is big if an average girl wear it

Dec 22, 2018


Dec 25, 2018

Agreed, Marasco.

Jan 07, 2019

This abs!

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