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Tags: delts/shoulders
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Dec 03, 2018

Do know her name but think she says 'Miriam' or something at the beginning.

This clip links to:




Dec 03, 2018

What's her full name?

Dec 03, 2018

That guy needs a much better rap. He's lucky she did not kick his dumb rear end.

Dec 05, 2018

This would have gotten you punched or worse with some American Fbbs at any show. He's lucky she was from Brazil and being nice. I would say 80% of the girls I met at FBB shows shove him away or worse. There are a few who would be ok with it, but she was about as nice about it as any FBB could be. He's lucky...unauthorized touching like that will get you in trouble....even ten or 20 years ago way before the Me too deal....this would have been out of bounds. Most fbbs are not standing alone like that at shows. You ask or build trust before you touch. That was a thrown out of the show violation anywhere if you touched. We had one girl who wanted to press charges for similar.....but she calmed down since she was getting paid. The guy was removed.

This guy is the poster boy for how to not pick up an FBB.

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