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Tags: back, biceps, delts/shoulders, lats, traps
Score: 199
Oct 08, 2018

Very very hott beautiful muscles

Oct 09, 2018

Ripped AF.

Oct 09, 2018

Without a gram of fat! Amazing condition

Oct 09, 2018

Awesome back!

Oct 09, 2018
Deleted by Widowmaker
Oct 10, 2018 - edited Oct 10, 2018

Damn, huge and shredded to the bone!

Amazing where she is now compared to where she was 2-3 years ago. It's one thing to build a lot of muscle but to sculpture that kind of back in such a short time is a great job.

Oct 27, 2018

Oh yeah baby!!!!!!!!!

Jan 26, 2019

I just discovered this amazing woman yesterday. I can't believe I never found her before. Her arms and back are incredible!!!!!

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