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Tags: biceps, chest, delts/shoulders, traps, veins
Score: 37
Sep 30, 2018

I love that bald head and awesome pecs

Sep 30, 2018

Pecs Pecs Pecs....Nice

Oct 01, 2018

Oh, FFS! Just when you think she can't get any hotter!

Oct 02, 2018

That bicep is incredible for a woman!

Oct 02, 2018

Not down with the bald

Oct 02, 2018

I think she’s bald from all the gear she takes....look at the eyebrows? I used to like her but.....

Oct 02, 2018

Hair or no hair? Virginia is one of the few who can pull it off. Probably because no matter what, she's seems 100% confident & comfortable in who she is with how she presents herself. And that's a quality I highly respect in any person. And that goes double for a female bodybuilder with all the scrutiny that they have to deal with on a daily basis in society.

Oct 04, 2018

that's right confidence is the key as she's probably the most confident muscle goddess around

Nov 01, 2018

She's flexing her amazing chest, make it move like sea waves.

5 days ago


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