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Tags: biceps
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Sep 14, 2018

This is my daughter who was a competitive rower in high school. She's now in college and trying to avoid that freshman 15! We just posted these pics as sort of a jumping off point on her journey towards getting fit, and more muscular. We hope you enjoy.

6 days ago

Very nice muscle.

6 days ago

Thanks so much for your kind comment, bimus. We're going to try to post a couple more shots in a week or so.

6 days ago

I believe Sierra is very quickly getting into her fitness lifestyle. She is very beautiful and has a great look. If she gets into competing, just don't get burned out and make sure she always competes against herself, not those around her. Have goals, one step at a time. Anyway, very pretty. You go girl!

6 days ago

Kristi, It is very nice of you to comment, and some great advice. We appreciate you so much!

5 days ago

You’re very welcome rksouth. Yes Kristi knows all about competing. Good luck Sierra!

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