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Score: 69
Jun 30, 2018

Look awesome beautiful Goddess 😘😘😘

Jun 30, 2018 - edited Jul 02, 2018

Pretty damn nice, but she'd be a hundred times hotter without all that ink. But hey, to each their own and that's just my opinion.

Jul 02, 2018

She looks like she needs to be standing next to an evil genius in a secret lair.

And you know it's strange. Some women have weird hair. Others might have a nosering or other piercings. Some choose to dress or present themselves in all manner of ways that people may not like and that are all due to the woman's decision to do so, but to this date I have never seen anything that induces full-on shit-fits like tattoos do. I'm curious why that's different than anything else that you might not like, why comment on it like it's a personal affront to you? I honestly don't get why tattoos may bother you in a ragey way vs. anything else you might not like. Personally they've never bothered me enough to feel the need to show people that it does by adding "stupid f@#$ing" cussing to my comments, can you enlighten me here so I get this type of reaction?

And 'you' in this case is referring to the people who fit this reaction to them, not just you specifically.

Jul 02, 2018

You're right, I was way out of line, that was way too harsh, fixed. I guess it bothered me so much because she is definitely fine and for the life of me I'll never understand why someone would cover up such a beautiful body with ink. Graffiti for the body. Maybe it bothers me so much because I tend to think people do such things because they think, or are more led to believe it's cool, hip. Like a lot of magazines do, this is hot and that's not, creating a fad narrative. Hey this is cool everyone do this, follower mentality. Like taking a work of art and scribbling all over it. I'm sure she could care less what I think about her tattoos and she shouldn't. She is a beautiful woman with a killer body no doubt about that.

Jul 02, 2018


Jul 04, 2018

The trending theme of the more you lift, the more likely you are to get tattoos isn't my favorite choice either, they do work on some women but it's true, it's an over-done thing I think.

In her case all she needs is the black raccoon band across her eyes and she'd be a version of Copperhead from the Batman games.

Jul 20, 2018

wooooooooooooooooooooow very sexy

Jul 20, 2018

With those tattoos, she fits right in with the zebra.

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