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Interactive Story #1

Here's how it works: I will periodically stop the story, and you will be able to make suggestions as to the actions the protagonist should take. I will pick one of those suggestions in continuing the story.

Fear not, I will connect the story to female muscle somehow...

And so it begins...

My body recoils as my alarm clock jolts me out of my sleep. I stumble out of my bed and throw on the first clothes that I grab out of my closet. I'm half-awake as I brush my teeth and eat some dry cereal.

Maybe I should introduce myself. I'm Jake, an 18-year-old high school senior. My family just moved here--where "here" is some small town whose name I can't bother to remember in northeastern USA. It's the beginning of October, meaning that the weather is beginning to cool down, and I'm scheduled for my first day of school here today--starting very shortly.

As I walk down the stairs, I hear my sister taking a shower. She's currently home from college helping us settle into our new house. Otherwise, the house is silent, since my parents have already left for work.

I reach the front door and look at my car keys. Man, I really don't want to go to school-- but I'll get into trouble if I don't. I haven't even explored the neighborhood, or done anything else exciting, for that matter.

What should I do?

  • Make all the women muscular.
  • Go to school anyways, no need to get into trouble, and I might meet some new friends
  • Go to school. Don't be a fool.
  • make all the women muscular
  • Go to school anyways, no need to get into trouble, and I might meet some new friends
  • go to school and see who is there
  • Go to school anyways, no need to get into trouble, and I might meet some new friends
  • go to school and see who is there
  • go to school and see who is there
  • go to school and make your ideal GWM as like the movie Weird Science
  • Make all the women muscular
  • go to school, find that there's one GWM chick there but she's being bullied because of it :(
  • Go to school anyways, no need to get into trouble, and I might meet some new friends
  • go to school and make your ideal GWM as like the movie Weird Science
  • Go to school and find a closet GWM
  • ** Note: the suggestions here are of what others have already entered
  • Go to school and find a closet GWM who is waiting for the right opportunity to burst out and get huge
  • go to school, find that there's one GWM chick there but she's being bullied because of it
  • Spy on your sister she might have got some muscle while she was away
  • Go to school and find a closet GWM who is waiting for the right opportunity to burst out and get huge
  • Go to school and find a closet GWM who is waiting for the right opportunity to burst out and get huge
  • Go to school and find a closet GWM who is waiting for the right opportunity to burst out and get huge
  • Just go to school.

I think I'll head to school; really shouldn't miss my first day. I get into my car, and, well... just drive there, really. I've visited the school before so I know where I'm going. I park my car.

Checking my schedule, it seems like my first class is bio. The school is rather large; I'm a little disoriented, but fortunately I've a map, so after a few minutes of wandering around I find my class, about 4 minutes before the period is scheduled to start. About half the class is there, based on the number of empty seats. The teacher hasn't yet arrived.

I take a seat in the back row between two girls; the girl to my right is brunette, and has her head down on the desk, seemingly asleep. The girl to my left, a blonde, seems to be sporting a nice tan and is talking to her friend sitting on the other side of her. Hmm.

I'm a little bored, so naturally my eyes wander to check out the rest of the girls that have arrived. Unfortunately, probably because of the weather, they're all dressed pretty thickly, wearing sweatshirts. One girl in particular catches my eye- a sort of heavyset girl in the front row, wearing a wrestling jersey. From the looks of it, she's doodling on a notepad.

Guess there's not much to do except wait for the teacher to arrive... or is there?

  • Go to school and find a closet GWM who is waiting for the right opportunity to burst out and get huge
  • strike up a conversation with the girls sitting next to me
  • wake up the brunette
  • check out other girls
  • Decide to sit back,be confident that I'll find out more about the girl in the wrestling jersey soon enough.

I gently nudge the brunette girl to my right on the shoulder. She lifts up her head slightly, squinting at me, seemingly bothered by the lights. She has an attractive face with brown eyes. "What's up?" she asks. Or groans, rather.

"Oh hi, I'm Jake. Just wanted to say hi," I say.

She puts her head back down onto the desk. "Well, hi. I'm Jenna," she responds.

"Sorry to wake you up... I, uh... guess I should have let you sleep. I'm new here," I say.

"It's okay," she says. She closes her eyes for a few seconds. "Yeah, I did guess you were new, based on... well, having never seen you before." Pause. "Sorry, we just had this insane workout yesterday, and then I had boatloads of homework... I'm tired."

"Oh? For what?"

"Oh, for soccer. Yeah, I play soccer. Guess you don't know that."

"Neat! What kind of a workout was it?" I ask.

"Just some crazy leg things. Lots of squats, leg presses, and running up hills. I... don't even want to remember," she chuckles.

"Oh wow! Sounds intense," I respond. I glance at her legs; she's wearing sweatpants.

She grunts in agreement. What should I do/say next?

  • Ask her for a tour after class/during lunch
  • Try and make small talk
  • Tell her you love girls who are into sports and working out
  • Find an Asian girl under 5 feet tall with legs like the pillars of Stonehenge and have her outlift a tall skinny guy who she outweighs on her first day weightlifting
  • Offer to work out with her since you know your legs need work and it'll make the workout more interesting
  • offer to work out with her since you know your legs need work and it'll make hte workout more interesting....throw in some abs too
  • help her workout soccer players need a strong core and legs
  • Give her a massage and feel her strength
  • Ask her to show you around, with the intention of getting her to talk more about her sports background/workout habits/etc.

"Hey, do you think you could show me around the school a little sometime today?" I ask.

She opens her eyes again. "Yeah, why not. What class do you have next?"

I fish around for my schedule, finding it in my backpack after a few seconds. "Looks like Spanish."

"Cool. Well, I have Latin, which is right next to the Spanish classroom... I guess I'll show you the way." She smiles for the first time.

There's a short pause as I consider what to say. Finally, I take a deep breath: "By the way, I really love girls who are into sports and working out..." I say.

This seems to catch her a little off guard. "Oh yeah? Well, I'm definitely way into soccer... and working out comes with that, I guess. So... thanks!" she responds. Then she goes on: "You should meet some of the gymnastics team. They're crazy!"

What should I say/do?

  • Ask if she could take you to see the gymnastics team & perhaps start up an impromptu workout session with her & them.
  • ask to watch her practice after class
  • ask about the wrestling girl
  • Drool profusely :p
  • Ask her if she practices of trains anywhere outside school by herself...
  • "Define crazy"
  • Ask if you could workout with them since you know you need that
  • Define crazy
  • Ask if she wants to be as muscuar as the gymnasts
  • ask to see a flex to prove she works out
  • ask for a flex and set up a workout with her and the fymnastics girls ( do some ab stuff)
  • go spy on the gymnastics team
  • ask to see a flex to prove she works out.
  • Write another chapter of your greatly anticipated interactive online muscle story.
  • workout session
  • ask flex
  • ask if she is not afraid she will loose her feminity by working out those legs
  • ask to see a flex to prove that she works out
  • do some ab stuff
  • Ask if she wants to start taking steroids with you, and then ask her to shave your legs
  • Ask her where the bathroom is
  • ask for a flex and set up a workout with her and the fymnastics girls(do some ab stuff)
  • Ask her if she practices of trains anywhere outside school by herself
  • do something so the story can continue...
  • who ever said update the story i completely agree with
  • UPDATE the story
  • helllo
  • Dude, don't make an interactive story and then leave us hanging...NOT COOL.
  • not cool man...
  • well this was a fail......

"Define crazy," I ask.

"Well, I just see them do all these really intense-looking workouts, like tons of pullups, situps, and... other bodyweight exercises that I can't even name. They say pullups are easy!" she laughs. "And some of them are frickin' built."

"Built like... muscular?"

"Well, yeah! After those workouts, I'm not surprised.

"Hah... well, sounds like I really do need to meet them," I say.

"Oh yeah, you'll be super impressed."

"Where do they work out?"

"They've got this gym set up across the street, I think."


Some moments of silence. "Wait, you're just going to drop by during their practice time?" Jenna asks.

"Uh well, I guess I didn't really have a plan. Why not?"

"I don't know, but I don't think they'd really want to be interrupted... that seems kind of weird." She thinks for a second. "Well, if you wanted to meet one, and if you're in the Spanish class I think you're in, there's this girl Maria in it. I think she does gymnastics."

"Oh cool! What does she look like? So I can recognize her..."

"Well, she's Hispanic-looking, and maybe around 5'2" or so. I don't really know her too well, besides her name."

"I see. Cool." Then, after some thinking, I say, "So you work out a lot too?"

"Oh yeah. We work out three times a week, mostly for legs. The other days we focus more on practice games against each other."

"Wow, nice." I think for a while, not sure whether I should go for it... but then: "So do you have some proof?"

"What proof?"

"Well, I mean, muscles."

"What? Ohh... yeah, I have some leg muscles, from working out."

"Nice." Then: "Can I see a flex?" I say, gesturing at her legs.

She seems a little hesitant. "Uh... how am I supposed to flex my legs?"

"Oh, just straighten them."

"Okay." She straightens her legs, then tightens them. "I've got it," she says. I can see some muscle shift below the fabric of her sweatpants as she starts to flex.

"Wow, nice," I say. "I can't really see anything... can I poke it?

"Yeah, I guess..."

I reach out with my index and middle fingers and touch a spot on top of her quads, about halfway from her knees to her hips. I give her legs a gentle poke. There's very little give; her legs feel firm. "Wow, it feels hard," I say.

"Oh yeah, they're pretty hard."

Feeling that she's somewhat uncomfortable, I remove my hand. Maybe more later. "I bet your legs look great," I tell her.

At this point, the teacher finally arrives. He wastes no time in getting started, as the period is already nearly a fourth over. What follows is a fairly boring lecture about cell organelles; I spend my time alternatingly taking notes, looking out the window, and trying to check out more girls.

After what seems to be a significanly longer time than what was left of the period, the bell finally rings. I lean over to Jenna and say, "So, want to show me where my Spanish class is?"

"Sure," she responds. "Just come with me."

I pack up my stuff, and we exit through the door. But just as we've gone a few steps, I glance up and see something that takes my breath away: walking in the other direction in the hallway, towards me, comes a girl wearing a tanktop with visibly buff, shapely arms, especially in the shoulders. Her entire upper body looks pretty solid. She'll pass us in about 10 seconds.

What should I do?

  • "pretend" to bump into her to start a conversation
  • as Jenna: is this Maria?
  • ask Jenna: how to say hi in Spanish?
  • Try not to stare and drool when she walks by LOL
  • how to say hi in Spanish?
  • choice 1
  • ask jenna is this maria?
  • As I pass, I k
  • As I pass, I look her in the eye and smile
  • tell jenna, this is probably maria with all that muscle
  • smile and keep walking
  • tell jenna this is probably maria
  • punch her
  • Ask Jenna aloud: "Who this angel is?"
  • look her in the eye and smile
  • run into the "takes the breath away" girl, quick feeling her muscles and try to start a conversation (and don't forget Jenna)
  • Get distracted rubbernecking at the lovely lady and walk into something embarassing
  • lol
  • ok
  • good
  • k
  • smile and keep walking, you'll have plenty of time to see her again and right now you should stick with Jenna
  • yea stick with jenna
  • stick with jenna
  • when the girl is close, smile and say aloud to Jenna: wow, there's a girl that could give you a run for your money.
  • nice idea
  • I think you said "periodically" when you actually meant "theoretically".
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  • Fight Her
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  • Maybe update her or better the STORY
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