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Creator: tootall
Closed: July 07, 2011, 8:31 am
Type: Single Answer
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Have you ever dreamed, that your girlfriend or wife had bigger muscles than you and was a lot stronger?
ChoiceVotesPercentResponses: 350
I like her the way she is 216%
I don't care if she has bigger muscles than I do154.29%
I'd be in heaven if that was true.8022.86%

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There are 17 comment(s) posted for this poll.

redtazz020 (June 30, 2011, 10:04 am)

I dream about it all the time

tag1981 (June 30, 2011, 1:19 pm)

Nope. If I was that concerned with it, then I would have got me a woman with muscles from the beginning.

FreeStud4You (June 30, 2011, 2:31 pm)

Having a very muscular girlfriend is sometimes exciting and other times humiliating. Girl I went with did some juice and was pretty big (fat free). It was so hot when we were in private and I would just worship all of her. There were times in public that I was sometimes humiliated because she was physically superior. Occasionally a comment would be heard from someone. Sometimes she would refer to me as her lil man. Over all it was a great experience until toward the end of the relationship when violence started. That wasn't fun.

mikey (June 30, 2011, 4:30 pm)

I live that reality every day. Its kind of weird but def inspiring re: getting me off my butt, when I work out to have a workout partner who has a level of muscle I'm trying to achieve and she is a girl.

marcusaurel (July 01, 2011, 7:38 am)

actually I dont care so much for her strength, I rather go with the look.
But surely, Im impressed when my gf can lift a washing machine without my help lol

brian9731 (July 02, 2011, 6:01 am)

My wife is not muscular at alland I guess in a perfect world I'd like it if she got into bodybuilding. However, as for the whole bigger and stronger than me thing, we're not into all that sub-dom stuff.

BSingr (July 02, 2011, 6:30 pm)

I have this fantasy often that I'm dating or married to a strong, powerfullly built & truly powerful female collegiate level swimmer. Olympic level swimmer. And that on our honeymoon, we're alone together in our hotel & resort swimming pool, and she invites me to take her bikini off.

So I do. We're up against the side of the pool at about the 4 ft deep level, and I pull her bikini bottom off underwater. Then I raise up and about that time she takes the initiative to pull her arms back behind her and undo her top that way. While doing that, I see her bulging biceps are huge and vascular. I'm immediately getting more aroused than ever.

Her top comes off and she lets it fall away, slowly sinking. I press up against her even more. She takes her hands and arms back behind her head again to tighten the ponytail that had been coming loose. She tightens it and her biceps are bulging even more.

I say to her, "I love your biceps, can't help it. Your strong muscular body is such a turn on! She laughs a little and says, "These are swimmer biceps!" I say, "I know, and I love them!"
At that point she flexes them hard, and I have to reach up & feel them.

Her biceps and entire arms are much bigger than mine and hard as oak! Even when I squeeze real hard, there's no give at all.

"Let me feel your arms" she says, so I flex both arms as hard as I can, but they're obviously smaller and a lot softer. Her strong hands & fingers mash down into my arms and it hurts! "Owwwww!" I say and try to back away a bit.

You ARE weaker than me! That's what I've been thinking" she says. But that's okay sweetie, I've been stronger and dominated all my boyfriends. I've always liked being the stronger, dominant one in my relationships."

"How much stronger do you think you are?" I say.

"Let's find out. How about a little game of mercy right here?" she says. "Okay" I reply. She quickly and easily forces my hands & arms down and then spins us around and practically throws me against the side where she was, her nude body fully pressed up against me mashing me uncomfortably between her solid muscular body and the side of the pool and bending me backwards. I wince and cry out "Stop, I give, you're hurting me!"

After she stops and I regain myself some, I say, "Let's try it again." So we do. Same result, except she's a little gentler with me in pressing me against the side. Again and again. Despite the pain, I'm having the biggest erection of my life and think I might not be able to hold it back much longer. I'm also exhausted. My softer, weaker body is a wet noodle at this point from my futile attempt to match her strength.

She then says, "Watch this!" She goes under and then pressing her hand against my chest and the other under both legs down near the ankle, she lifts my entire body up and above the water and fully extended over her head. And overhead presses me several times, all the while laughing as she says how stunned and amazed I am.

"O....kay" I say breathless and kinda frightened, "Obviously you're superior in the water; let me rest a while and we'll have a lil wrestling match back in the room.

Back in the room, we do, her body against mine, as we're nude, she can see my massive hard-on. Her bulging muscles once again dominate, submit & humiliate my weaker body. I knew I hadn't worked out in a while, but even then, I thought I could at least do better then I was.

After she had pinned my body to the floor three times, and then playfully put me in a rear naked choke, with my hands squeezing her much bigger and harder biceps to break her grip, all to no avail, my body finally goes completely limp, except for one part of me that explodes in a massive eruption before finally going limp and I pass out.

"Hey, hey! Are you okay honey?" she says as I regain consciousness a few minutes later. "Huh? What happened?" I say, completely out of it for several seconds. "We were wrestling sweetie, remember? I guess I was just too much for you" she says, giggling a little.

"Way!....Way too much!" I say, still breathing a bit heavily, but smiling and looking up at her. Looking up at her on my back is what I would spend a lot of time doing for the next, countless years. No complaints though. Even with the pain and the frequent physical therapy.

tamarok (July 03, 2011, 5:55 pm)

While the muscles might be nice, I prefer the idea of having a fit woman that I share chemistry and friendship with.

anon12345 (July 03, 2011, 9:23 pm)

My girlfriend is considerably stocky. She's a 5'4" powerhouse. No real fat, just huge thighs / calves, broad shoulders, chest and thick arms, even her forarms are built. Her genetics must be good as she doesn't go to the gym (just think if she did!). She is of Italian decent, so that might be part of it. Her mum is also stocky and her dad. It's a little embarassing as she can flex a hard tennis ball shaped arm, when she wears heels she looks like an olympic sprinter. In bed if we are messing around, more often then not she can wrestle me into helpless positions, or points where I just have to stop trying as I'm shaking from straining trying to pry her arms off me while she pulls this sadistic look. I'm 5' 10" and 23, average male and I weigh 13 stone. It's a little intimidating if she wears heels and gets to my eye level, she is as broad and as strong as me. It's scary to think that if it came to punches, she could easily handle herself against me. So like someone said before, it's nice but it can turn sour. I don't really know why I like muscles on a girl, I don't find roid rage builders atractive, but fitness girls yes, who doesn't? Why is it gender women look for a strong man, and men are supposed to look for a weak dainty woman. I'm atracted to my girlfriend as she thinks like a man most of the time, and she could handle a couch if we're moving house! My kind of girl ;)

rdklm3 (July 06, 2011, 11:54 am)

My wife is the perfect specimen. Fitness muscular, and I mean perfection. Problem is, for the past 15 years, she has tolerated me. I have bothered her for years to compete and pose for me privately. Our marriage has been hanging by a thread for years, for numerous reasons. It sucks.

But when we do our thing, it is incredible. She poses and flexes and does everyhting I ask. She will wear heels, tan and pose in bikinis.

No B.S., She has told me to lose weight and that she herself likes a muscular guy, model type, not male bb.

I have thought about posting pictures on here, but if it ever got back to her, that would be it.

Lastly, I do like being in public with her when she is showing her stomach and arms. She also wears shirts that show the upper chest. Anyway, anytime I am with her, people ask her to flex her arms and compliment her stomach. Her abs are year round and bulge so niclely...weirdly enough it gets me excited. And then the cycle starts, I have to beg her to have sex or pose for me while I do my thing.

I'm not sure why I wrote this, but I did.

I know people wonder what she is doing with me, truth is I have money and have taken care of her for years.

moviestar (July 07, 2011, 4:15 am)

In my opinion, I do not care if my girlfriend has bigger muscles than I do. It would only admire her for her sexiness. But who knows, my views may change until if I were to be in a relationship with someone with bigger muscles. I doubt it though. I just want her to be respectable as a lady. My only concern is that she does do steroids. That's something I can accept. I believe that steroids are harmful to the body.

Hanno69 (November 10, 2013, 7:13 am)

My gf has 14,5 inch biceps while mine are just under 14 inches.
She weights 70 kg and is 168cm tall. I'm 82kg and 176 cm. Her body
Is overall tighter than mine and her calves are 41cm when mine are 39cm.

jess (February 22, 2014, 4:10 am)

i,ve been training my girl now for 4 yrs -she,s 1.75m 88kg and has a great v back, her ambition is to really peak her 17 in bi,s but thats a tough ask.

Deran (June 21, 2014, 8:58 am)

My girlfriend has bigger biceps than mine.

streeter (July 03, 2014, 4:42 am)

If you havnt been there your missing something --perfection in the female muscular form is a natural adrenalin -thats curves -boys-muscular curves

gambit93 (October 28, 2014, 9:03 pm)

my girlfriend is 179 cm, 69 kg. She's the classic mesomorphic woman (broad shoulders, large chest, narrow waist) and has a rare disease called myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy. She'd never lift a weight or made a crunch but has a perfect body and an incredible degree of strength.
Besides in her early teen she had an unusual growth spurt that caused her breast growth to 38FF. So to preserve the firmness she began a pushup program for reach 100 pushups after few weeks, but at the end of the first week she'd just owned the bound of 110 pushups in a single go. So she began a workout with benchpress and now she can lift 110 kg for reps. The fat tissue in her breast hasn't lost any size but her pectoral muscles has gained mass and now she had a difficult time finding a bra that fit well, but she won't care because now her breasts won't need any artifical support.

Dre (April 04, 2015, 11:16 pm)


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