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Created by: Scythian
Closes: October 31, 2014, 6:16 pm
9 comment(s)

Muscular women spend a lot of time training and dieting to achieve their goals. So, what qualities in a partner and relationship do they seek to be happy and feel supported? Check all that apply.
They want to be admired for the mental and physical effort of achieving a muscular body.
They prefer a mate who emotionally, logistically and financially supports their lifestyle.
They prefer a partner who is buff and shares the bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle with them.
Muscularity and physicality play a big role in their intimacy.
They prefer relationships to not only be about physical culture.
They prefer or don't mind if their partner is indifferent to their muscular physiques.
They do not enjoy too much emphasis on their muscles and physiques in a relationship.
None of the above or other reasons.

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